Marine Products

Great Lakes Lift & Dock

Subcategory: Docks & Piers

The variety of aluminum frame dock systems are offered with different styles of decking surfaces.

Subcategory: Lifts & Ports

The all-welded lifts feature aluminum frames with stainless steel hardware and cables.

Instant Marine

Subcategory: Docks & Piers

The docks are available in floating and stationary systems with 3 decking choices.

Subcategory: Lifts & Ports

Fast, effortless lifts will lift your boat out of the water in 26 seconds.

Subcategory: Platforms

The swim rafts come standard with soft corner bumpers, anodized aluminum cap ends, built in vinyl rub rails and an angled aluminum ladder for easy access.


Subcategory: Weed Control

The WeedRoller slowly rolls along the bottom, detaching weeds from the soil and agitating the lake bed. The weeds can then be quickly gathered and disposed.